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Notetracks Web App Onboarding and Product Launch

category: Analytics, Onboarding, Value Proposition Canvas

Notetracks Web App Onboarding and Product Launch

Notetracks is the next generation of “Google Docs” for music. It enables music producers, artists and educators to give feedback, collaborate and share music.

Notetracks is moving from a mobile app into a web application. They needed guidance implementing the baseline analytics, developing their onboarding sequence and communicating their product fundamentals to a growing team.


Red Brick Product Consulting worked with the founder to develop Value Proposition canvases that could easily be shared with new team members.Additionally, the team specified and integrated some baseline analytics into the platform including dashboards. Finally, they mapped out, implemented and tested their onboarding messaging system.

  • Skills

    Onboarding, Intercom, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, Fullstory, Process Mapping, Test Plans, Value Proposition Canvas

  • Role

    Product Consultant & Onboarding Specialist